So, matters arising from Le Weekend.

1. P gains the Achievement Fool for Love. Server and Guild is full of people lamenting complete lack of candies. Blue Post confirms they’ve upped the rates, still people complain. In a Guild of over seventy active people, I believe only four of us have the Perma-Peddle Achievement. This imbalance makes lots of people really rather unhappy. You would think, in a weekend full of love, people might be a bit more relaxed about the entire thing, but it wasn’t to be. What started with classes happily exchanging items for achievements for free and mending broken hearts without question ended up with profiteering and petty squabbling. Someone made a L1 Troll Rogue and placed it inside the Horde area in Dalaran, just out of maximum range of the rose petals. I noticed an ex-Guildie trying to sell an Alliance Pledge Collection in IF for 50g.

If you want proof that WoW is ‘Just Like Life’, this weekend had it all.

2. I have a name for my pain, and it is Dr Weevil. Having taken Narain Soothfancy‘s outfit to Winterspring and having defeated Number 2, I have the unenviable task of recovering the eight Chapters of ‘Draconic for Dummies’ The one in SW Library was easy ^^ The rest… so I need Ony (again), Ragnaros, BWL AND a trip to Algaz Island. I can see why it took so long for us to get the bloody AQ gates open.

3. Stats FTW. Ok so P is no no longer my main, but the stats are pretty healthy. Hit, crit, AP, all sitting above the recommended daily amounts. All in all, a fairly effective grinding machine…

Also, finally, I made The Bow.

So, it’s not the most fabulously-appointed thing in the World, it’s not even the way it was back in the day. However, the animation alone makes it worth having in the bags. Why am I suddenly gripped with the urge to make up a set of T2 gear to accompany it?

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