As previously stated, it’s been a quiet week.

  • M is L53. BRD is pretty much done (Emp quest left) and I have the ST Quest in my log. There’s been a fair bit of faffing, BS is at 355 and I suspect will sit there until I can mine in Outland, though I am tempted to run someone around the Isle of Dailies for a bit for the Adamantite spawns. This weekend I hope to clear out some of the Quest Log.
  • M (the Druid) picked up some useful odds and ends on our 25 man run. Stuff for DS is almost ready (am gonna do a seperate post on this at the weekend) There’s been grinding in Zul’drak for cash as well. You know, actual questage.
  • P has *finally* picked up the Classic Dungeonmaster Achievement. I broke Zul’Farrak in the process. Note to self: if you don’t let the NPC’s on the Jailbreak event attack any mobs in a wave the entire thing bugs. Horribly. There’s not been time for anything else except some light faffage beyond that, though a trip to Scholo and I will have the Well Read achievement done as well. Next I may be forced to do the Squirrels…

Nothing else to report, at least for now…

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