So, for the first time since Le Grande Bat du Nerf hit Ulduar 10 I made it into a Raid last night.

Honestly, it’s like an entirely different Instance :(

The opening encounter we did first time, with only one death. The Deconstructinator… well, if I was able for nearly a minute to remain alive with less than 100 mana and we STILL beat him… That’s a VERY big nerf right there. In the end we did the last 25% with 6 of us. I miss the Enrage timer, there was at least an element of danger involved. Last night really did feel like we cheated.

Razorscale went down properly for the first time as well, in one shot. They’ve completely removed one layer of trash from the opening week, the chain lightning doesn’t hit for nearly as much as it used to, and once you have her at 50% the burn to 0% isn’t nearly as harsh. They weren’t joking when they said they wanted more people to experience these encounters.

We left with Ignis the Furnace Master on 50summat%. I would predict he’ll be dead when we return at the weekend, which will mean pretty steady progress and the achievement for the first part of Ulduar. This is technically taxing but really it’s not going to be an issue with the abilities the Guild has. I predict steady and satisfying progress in the weeks that follow, but I can’t help feeling we’re being handed a lot of this a lot easier than we should be.

In upgrade news, the Druid now owns the Drape of the Spellweaver. Now all she needs is to bump off Malygos and waft it in his face…

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