Onyxia Returns!

This is the moment that I should go back and dig out the blue post I KNOW I read that states quite categorically Blizz would be leaving the old world content alone. I understand what they’re doing here though: Ony is the iconic first encounter from Vanilla WoW. Updating it gives a whole generation a chance to experience it. However, removing her in her present form will cause a problem.

I hope whoever’s doing this isn’t the same person who for Paltress’ memories decided to whack an old-world skin on a generic 83 boss, because there’s still a great deal of content attached to this old girl that people can still pick up and take part in. Let us look at some examples:

  • Blizzard will need to remove a certain Epic Sword from the game, or at least ensure that Ony’s breath will forge it as intended. Yes, I know people who still farm for the book in Dire Maul.
  • They’ll need to make sure that the Black Dragon Sinew still drops so people wanting to do the Epic Bow quest can still complete it.
  • Plus, if they remove the AQ40 aspect from her… well, I’m going to have done several months worth of work for nothing… *sigh*

If, as they did the with the Bolvar Onyxia Questline and just remove all this stuff, I’m not sure that’s actually the answer either. I understand that ‘cleaning up’ the Lore is helpful when trying to streamline the gaming experience… but AQ was MASSIVE. Onyxia was a KEY part of that. I’d be pretty dissapointed if as a result Blizzard just swept it under the carpet and pretended it never happened.

I do appreciate as well just how happy this is going to make the vast majority of people, before you think I’ve engaged QQ Mode. I have to believe that me thinking this has already been covered in a meeting somewhere, that Ghostcrawler’s gonna pop up in the next few days and post a ‘for those of you who have concerns…’ Blue but I am aware also that I may be an ever dwindling percentage of WoW’s population. I know this is like remaking my favourite movies twenty-five years on. I understand this is like rebranding old stuff and pretending it’s brand new. The fact remains however that if they are going to do it, it needs to be done properly.

As we have seen with 3.2, Blizzard don’t have a problem cutting corners. I REALLY hope they’ve done their homework on this. If not, I will be dissapointed, because they have the opportunity to show ALL their player base they are capable of keeping the content relevant while at the same time allowing people to continue to play the game they enjoy, and that they wish to.

Blizzard, you have been warned. Do this right, or there WILL be consequences.

[EDIT 14/08: Bornakk Responds to the Issue of The Epic Sword. The sword remains, but the book will depart, which says to me no more reforging. Am looking forward to seeing a definitive response of this…]

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