… which would of course be a GREAT header if the patch heralded the end of Priest Shield Generators… but sadly not.

The last major content patch before Cataclysm hits tomorrow. The days preceding any patch are, as I believe I have observed before, often a bit mad. Last night in Trade I watched six different people all spam Crusader Craftable Patterns for sale, one after the other, in a surreal microcosm of what is now likely to play out across most servers AH’s. Runed Orbs will get cheaper, Crusader Orbs will become affordable and everyone who wasn’t already heading to Icecrown is on their way. I spent a happy two and a quarter hours there last night.

The Mage made it to 80 with a day to spare. She’s the poorest geared of any of my clan hitting this point thus far, but she can scrape together a healthy 1200 dps unbuffed at the dummies, so with some potions from W and a bit of tender loving care I’m sure that won’t be a permanent situation. After all, as of tomorrow I can get a full set of T9 for her if I run instances enough. Muahahahahaha! This is not the first time I’ve foregone traditional questing and simply ground my way to level cap, I remember a couple of my clan getting to 70 that way via the Ethereals at Bashir’s Landing in TBC. The benefit of doing it this way are many fold: shed loads of cloth (my first job this morning will be making Frostweave Bags to upgrade my storage) a healthy number of greens to DE (see above for Imbued Frostweave), stacks of grey trash to sell and the cash, which means last night I netted close to 200g for the entire exercise. There is a certain satisfaction to be had grinding with a Pally: my husband can manage up to four of the six-packs of Converted Heroes in the Valley of Lost Souls, plus their Scourge Banner-Bearers. He rounds up 30 mobs, Consecrates, and I Blizzard the life out of them. Job done!

Today, I suspect, I will be mostly mining, gathering herbs for potions and restocking everyone’s bags ready for the orgy of PuG-ging that is likely to break out once tomorrow finally stabilises. I am DETERMINED to get a Perky Pug on as many of my alts as possible, and yes I will be documenting the usefulness or not of this new system at length.

In Downtime Tomorrow: a Guide to Surviving PuG Madness!

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