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First off, a Very Happy 2010 to You All.

At the start of each New Year, I inevitably consider quitting the game. I suppose in my mind that means I equate the process to something like smoking or drinking, a guilty pleasure that maybe I could do with curtailing. Inevitably I keep playing, because I identify the Community aspects of the game which keep me going beyond the progression and the content. Inevitably, if I am honest with myself, I’ve not played this long because of Blizzard, it’s down to the friends I’ve made in-game that keep pulling me back.

As with any community, there are the people I find myself becoming frustrated with. I know of those who use this game as a way to find themselves a girlfriend. There are some who ignore everyone’s requests for common sense and play their own obscure builds of classes and then insist the rest of us fit around them. Then there are the attention seekers, who aren’t happy unless they’re the centre of attention from the moment they log in. Fortunately, these are the minority, and once I can move past the days when they all decide to ply their trade simultaneously, being a GM and organising a Guild becomes less of a chore. The fact remains however that there is a level of expectation when people see the words ‘Guild Master’ on the Armoury.

I’m going to make a conscious effort to delegate responsibility this year. I’m going to walk away more when people start being idiotic. I am certainly not going to get involved in other couples’ arguments. I actually managed to distill what I want down to a rather satisfying single sentence yesterday whilst talking to a Guildie:

More people need to be made of win, and less people need to be made of fail.

When you log on in 2010, gentle readers, please try and leave the fail behind. Bring the win to the game, make your friends happy, have fun in whatever you do and if you lose the roll don’t make it about the fail. Turn it into win. Be the architect of your own enjoyment, and remember that it’s only as good as you are prepared to make it.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask at all.

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