Looking whistful in Dalaran, as per usual…

To continue the series, it’s time to introduce yet another of the family of alts. This time around, say hello rapidly-levelled and highly entertaining-to-play Space Goat.

Name: M

Class and Spec:
Resto Shammy. We also have an Elemental Off-spec, but to be fair that’s only producing loldps with the hit gear I’ve managed to pick up from instancing. I LOVE playing a Resto Shaman. It’s a completely different form of healing from anything I’ve done before (priest and druid healing are also available, after all) and it suits my style of play far better. I will happily admit to being a Chain Heal spammer, but I’m slowly grasping the subelties of using Riptide and the Healing Waves. I wanted to level a Shaman for a couple of reasons: it gave me a chance to finally experience the Exodar starting zone, and it gave me a chance to play a class I’d always been fascinated with but had never fully explored (in shock news, my second ever character created was a Tauren Shaman, now long gone) I played all three specs before 80, but Healing remains my favourite.

Blacksmithing/Mining.One word: YUCK. Where are the healing maces or daggers, Blizzard? Where is the mail that existed for some specs of Shaman but now has dissapeared completely? Oh yeah, the Leatherworkers make it ^^ Oh, and don’t get me started about Shields. I gave M Blacksmithing mostly from the completism angle, because I wanted a group of alts who could do everything. In terms of utility, I’d say it’s keys to open lockboxes, the Titansteel CD and…er… that’s it really. Note to Blizz: BS needs a look at please, especially (as with LW) the three pronged specialisation is now a bit of a joke. Am wondering if I need as many miners as I possess at the moment, there may be a spec swap if boredom hits.

Achievement Points: 2925

Last Achievement was 10 Exalted Reputations, mostly by luck than judgement. That was also the case for Doesn’t Go to 11 (which I’m certainly not going to be getting in a PuG anytime soon) I’ve been picking up the Glory of the Raider ones in dribs and drabs, but it’s going to need a great many very boring days for me to start concentrating on achieving for this one.


See above :P


M has always been about having a healer I felt comfortable with. I have been trying over the Xmas Holiday to get a random daily in a day with my Husband’s Pally, and that’s worked pretty well so far. However I’m going to be honest and admit that I need to be in the mood to heal and it’s not something I jump to of a morning to do. As a result M does have fairly long periods of inactivity. I’d like to hope that this year those periods will become fewer, but that’s all going to depend on the time I get to play, I suspect.

I’d also like a pony and a new set of trinkets :D

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