I feel at this point I should mention Sunday’s Raid.

It’s been a while since I’ve faced an issue like the one we knew was coming. Repeated wiping on a Boss is nothing new, but the difference with every new instance I find myself entering is the means by which we turn a wipe into progress. Once upon a time it was all about the tactics: finding the right spot, co-ordinating the correct moves. Not so with Festergut. It was nothing to do with the tactics, we knew what to do. It was all about the dps.

I’ll be honest here. I’m not a fan of dps. It makes people do silly things. It’s simply a means to an end, a process by which you complete a part of the puzzle. Once upon a time, when there were fourty people in a raid, it wasn’t dps as much as it was longevity. Yes, it helped to do the big numbers, and those who did would afford everyone else a measure of slack. Can’t do that in 10 man. If you have 3 healers and 2 tanks, you need 5 people who not only bring the big numbers, but who can sustain them. That’s a lot of work, not simply on the gear but the rotations and the execution. Well, it might not be for you who’s reading this and can do 12k dps on your rogue without breaking sweat, coz clearly you’re a far better player than I am. So, let me qualify. It’s bloody hard for me.

Let me show you the meters as we went into Precious and Stinky:

These numbers made me stop and think. They made me deliberately screenie. They made me realise just how much the game has changed this Expansion.

At times I pulled out 7k on the trash packs, of course with AoE, but still. 7000 dps. When we finally downed Festergut (and it did take a few tries, for various reasons I will not go into here) we did it with about eight seconds to spare. I’d always imagined that when I was doing these kinds of numbers things would not be alive for very long, but the measure of difficulty with a five minute enrage is such that, factoring in all the movement required in this fight to ensure spore propogation, you are talking seconds before disaster. Needless to say when he finally died there was very little joy or elation. We all knew just how close we’d been to being beaten.

The game, in this progression form, is a fairly unforgiving mistress. You have to take the pleasure where you can, and I suspect that will come next week when we can come in, clear five encounters instead of four, and be ready to get our heads around Rotface, slimes and remembering which way is anticlockwise… ^^ The loot begins to serve not as a way to improve our Gear Scores but a means by which we find the vital extra damage we need to make it through the next encounter.

So why on Earth would I consider Sunday, with everything that happened, as the Best Day Ever?

I play with an immensely talented and dedicated bunch of people. On Sunday, to a person, EVERYONE who engaged that boss did there complete and utter best to kill him. Everyone had made an effort to bring the extra we needed, and it showed. When he did die, the execution was some of the most professional and impressive I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. For the record, I was #5 on the dps on the boss, but I did what we came there to do. We beat him. He was beaten.

We won :D

That’s why it was a good day.

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