(This isn’t the video I wanted but I can’t embed the one I did. Grrrrr. So enjoy this anyway)

The last few weeks have been like running backwards in terms of progression. We needed a kick up the ass. Last night he turned up, as he always does in times of trouble, with his 7k dps and his better-looking wolf pet and made us all up our game in a way that only he can accomplish. When we one-shotted Saurfang with not a single mark on anyone before he died, we knew it was only a matter of time.

Syndragosa was at 95% when we finally called it a night. Forward is calling. All it needed was a bloke from Glastonbury with a penchant for dirty jokes. Why did we not think of this before?

Oh yes, and looking at that picture, I make a couple more observations before moving on. Strand of the Ancients is great if people know what to do. If they don’t, you can get into a Demolisher and be at the Relic in three minutes and 48 seconds :p I’m FOUR achievements away from a Red Drake. Oh, and ToC 25 is great now I don’t have to worry about being bottom of dps and therefore charged with shooting down the Orbs at the last boss. I managed 6k consistently, mostly due to my 245 T9 legs finally dropping in VoA. The T9 2 set bonus really does beat the 4 set T10 one. The Tier’s still in the bank though. Having seen what is happening to classes thus far, I’m not throwing ANYTHING away from now on…

Catchup in the morning, now I have to go watch ‘Castle’. I have high hopes…

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