NOT Toby Zeigear, but his bigger brother…

To say I’m excited about the Gnomeregan fightback is, to put it mildly, summat of an understatement. To find that the event is now giving a passing nod to THE best TV Drama show of the last ten years makes my Happy Face just a little broader. I quote you the latest press release from the Big Man, Josiah Bartlet High Tinker Mekkatorque himself:

Every man, woman, and child is called to serve! Even if you’re just barely getting your bearings on the art of combat in places like Kharanos or Elwynn Forest, you can do your part by helping fuel the war effort. A few dead boars leads to a few more comfortable siege pilot seats, and surely you can handle such a crucial step in the preparation for facing Thermaplugg’s poisoned followers. You can even help master wordsmith Toby Zeigear in writing High Tinker Mekkatorque’s battle cry.

In all seriousness however, this little speech does let us know that if you actually want to fight in the Battle, you’ll need to be 75 to do so. The timing of this announcement is interesting, and I’d expect us to see the Gnomeregan fight happening sooner rather than later. Of course that also means that the Horde will be taking back the Echo Isles too, but frankly it’s small potatoes. EVERYONE wants to to be helping Gnomeregan. Nobody wants to actually go there, but I bet there’ll be no shortage of volunteers when the time comes to rightfully reclaim it for the Gnomes.

I for one will be keeping an eye out for West Wing shouts in the weeks to come… I hope this is the first of many!

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