…is me using the money I was going to spend on a new pair of trainers on a virtual sparkly pony. Ghostcrawler never promised me one, after all. It means that come Cataclysm my Worgen has a mount that’ll last her all the way to 85. That’s my excuse, and I’m bloody well sticking to it.

In the end the entire process took 90 seconds. The trick clearly is not to queue but to wait until the infrastructure collapses and sneak in quietly…

If you want me, I’ll be beating off my Inlaws with a stick until some point on Sunday morning…

One thought on “The Sound You Hear…

  1. Sweet mount!

    In spite of my comment in the previous post I will also be shelling out the readies for alt utility etc.

    Thought about not doing it as a protest but why cut off your nose to spite your face (unless you are a gnome ofc, in which case it would be an improvement)…

    Curse you Blizz and this addictive game!


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