In an attempt to be a bit more organised, here’s the first of a couple of new changes to the Site. Mondays will now forever be known as ‘what just happened and what’s coming’ days, when I take a look back at the previous week’s muppetry and cast a look forward to what’s coming. Any excuse for organisation is, I think you’ll find, a Good Thing (TM)

FACT: Scary Blue Women on Sparkly Ponies look STUPID. Intentional Caps.

I find myself agreeing with an increasing number of people who think in-game capitalism (via the Real World) is a dangerous step forward in game terms. However, with my Blizzard ‘Pony Overlords’ Hat on, I still really don’t blame them. Make hay while the sun shines, as a wise man once said. Actually, I bet that was a wise woman’s phrase and some bloke hijacked it… Needless to say, this isn’t the first time we’ll see this and I bet the next time it’ll be summat even more desirable. Remember we still have the Two Player Recruit a Friend Mount to come.

Blizzard’s Cataclysm Advertising Campaign ‘getting old’

AP, from bbc.co.uk

The audacious campaign to raise awareness of the forthcoming Blizzard ‘sundering of Azeroth’ expansion we know as Cataclysm by making a Real World volcano erupt in Iceland and shower most of Northern Europe in ash is not really working as intended. In terms of a news story you have to admit it’s different, but really the rest of the World would like to move on now. Part of me thinks this was Ghostcrawler’s idea. He still owes us a moose too…

Saronite Prices close to Three Figures!

It’s been on the cards for a while, but this weekend saw AH prices for that most desirable of crafting mats drop below 1000g. It was a brief moment mind, Trade haggling remains at the 1000-1100g level but it will not be long I suspect before we see the prices settling below the four figure mark. By this token we’re about ready for a PTR patch, especially as Arthas has been downed in 25 man hard mode which means at least one guild is sitting around having cleared all the current content. However, what would we get? Is the retaking of Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles really not that far away…?

…and in Other News…

I may have (foolishly) offered to level my son’s Death Knight to 80, but before that happens I have a Priest at 75 and my Rogue Project at 78. I’m sure a while back I promised to stop levelling stuff. Foolish girl. I’ve set a gold target to have banked for Cataclysm, so over the next few months I WILL BE QUESTING across the entire family to attain this. I’m also going to be setting some goals for each family member. M the Druid, for instance, will be getting a complete Vanilla Epic set, including (I hope) the entire run of T1 from Molten Core (as I suspect it’s likely to disappear come Sundering Time) I’ll make a seperate post with the other goals in the week..

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