It was only a matter of time. This morning I got out a pencil and a pad, sat down, and took a long look at the Family. I need some kind of focus to get me through to Cataclysm. I am a control freak and I crave a measure of directed attainment. Having A Plan makes me feel better. So I made one.

1. Finish the Tournament on all the 80’s. This does, I am told, have an air of mind-numbing repetition about it. I will agree, that the same three quests every day may be enough to do my head in, but the reality is that two 80’s are already done with the Tourney. I plan to get everyone through all the factions, raise all those factions to Exalted, and then call it time, with the exception of P who will bite the bullet and get as many mounts as she’s able in an attempt to drag us kicking and screaming to the 100 Mounts Achievement.

2. Outland Loremaster on all the 80’s. This is where I intend to make my money for Cataclysm. Questing at 80 is extremely lucrative, even if you’re not an Enchanter and dusting all your quest rewards. I’m aiming for as much money in the bank as conceivably possible come Cataclysm because I have every single profession to level, and that’s not gonna be cheap. The added bonus to this is the toons with gathering proffs who inevitably will be picking up saleable items to boot. I’ve marked a starting gold figure in my vanity bank, we’ll see just how much moolah the exercise brings in.

3. Two more alts to 80. I’m not counting the DK here, but the Rogue is now 79 and building rested, the Priest (and my only Scribe) is 75 and doing the same. Once that’s done I really am doing no more until the Worgen. Really. NO!

If that doesn’t take me until November… ^^

One thought on “It’s a Plan!

  1. Wait until the new RAF. You'll get the new mount, and you can transfer your toons to double up while you are clearing the tournament dailies.

    Ok. I know it's an obscenely expensive and ludacrous method, but you're still going to be tempted.


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