Weekly is Ignis. Can you tell?

I really am going to give Mountain o’ Mounts my best shot. I refuse to spend huge amounts of cash however, for I am a tightwad. As a result, it may take some time. However I did throw 200 elbows at the Mammoth, coz frankly there’s not much else apart from gems they’re going to be any use for on P. I may also have bought the remaining four Aether Rays I didn’t posess and the five Netherwing Dragons not in the stables. This means I now own 89 mounts. There will be trips to Strat and Kara, and to ZG. I will be keeping my fingers crossed in the Oculus. There’s two more PvP mounts to get. I’ve almost pulled together enough Seals for my first 100 seal Mount. As I said, gonna be a while, but it’s not as if there’s anything staggering about to drop Game wise any time soon… but having said that Children’s Week is looming, and there’s another mount there I can get without too much effort…

As you can also see, the ICC 10 progression is good and constant. Gonna have another run through Monday, if all goes well.

I also managed to snag Muckbreath’s Bucket via the Crocs Quest. That’s one lizard short of the full set. Pet collection is coming very close to three figures as well…

So, I’ll amend the In Progress list to reflect my latest stupid project. I could really do with Blizzard opening the PTR as a distraction…

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