Add Another Alt to the List

 Thorim was also very bored of the Sparkly Ponies…

Finally, the Rogue is L80. Now I’m there, I’m not entirely certain what happens next, but no doubt she will be geared before Cataclysm. Her main raison d’etre was to act as a replacement miner for M as she’s become an Alchemist, and that’s working pretty well. The gathering proffs are very well-covered, and the cash they’re bringing in is not to be underestimated. Next on the list therefore will be the Priest, and hopefully I will be able to finish off Inscription once and for all. The daily learn seems to be never ending. After that it’s just Jewelcrafting to worry about…

WTB [Decent PuG Experience]

Last night I snagged a decent ICC 25, for the first time in what seems like weeks, but it’s probably closer to months. Even when the entire thing collapsed at Festergut people were polite and friendly in departure. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the casual population is contracting for the Spring/Summer which means Guild ads are getting more frequent and decent PuG Experiences will continue to diminish. Still, I have a pair of Scourge Hunter’s Vambraces to show for the evening so it’s not all bad.

I should also congratulate my husband last night who picked up a VERY decent PuG and ended up with a raft of top-quality achievements:

If you’re going to do things, do them properly. No, he didn’t win the Horse, his lack of luck with dropped mounts is now legendary…

Market Watch.

Low level herbs are good business at the moment, so much so I’ve had one of the bank alts out wandering about levelling up Herbalism in the low level zones. Frozen Orbs appear to also be a good seller again (I am aware there’s a lot of people using the LFD Tool right now, so clearly the number of orbs remains healthy) I’m looking for niche markets at present: low level leathers for instance are always worth a look at especially if you can gather them quickly and with a good number of other items. A couple of runs through Shadowfang Keep for instance pull out decent amounts of Light and Medium leather, greens and low level patterns that are constant good sellers. Running Karazhan up to Moroes is also a decent money spinner right now for dusts and shards and a chance at a couple of very decent selling Outland enchants and patterns. It’s all about keeping an eye on the AH and working out what’s this week’s big seller…

This week has a lot of RL content so we’ll have to see what we can get done in between. Top of the list is getting M sorted with her last branch of Crusade rep, as once I’ve done Exodar that’s a third alt I can tick off the ‘Colluseum Completed’ List…

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