It took over a year. It made me feel sick. In the end, of course, it was simply a case of the right approach.

Children’s Week last year was, in the opinion of most people I spoke to, a nightmare. It was the School of Hard Knocks that did it for most people: having to achieve such a list of (relatively) simple tasks in a BG was enough to move some people to tears, me included. I gave up very early in, but in retrospect it was me that was the problem, not the achievement. To do anything in Warcraft requires the right mental attitude (PvP doubly so), and I woke up this morning with one thought in my head: however much I might get annoyed or frustrated by other people I was going to complete the Achievement, without being rude or pushy, whilst playing the game as well as I could. I have a decent set of PvP gears, I know how all the BG’s work: how hard can it be?

In the end it worked out really well, and came with a pile of added bonuses.

WSG was the first to pop, and I found myself defending the flag room with seven other people. SEVEN. Normally it’s just me. If I’m lucky :p In the end I returned my flag in the tunnel after a two minute scrap with an Elemental Shaman. The healing today was superlative: all these Disco Priests, most of whom have never stepped foot in a BG before in their lives… let’s hope this makes more people want to do the BG thing in the future.

AB was next and was the simplest of the four achievements to complete. Nobody in my group seemed to work out they needed to actually click on the flag until very late in, I’d capped five flags before it registered people simply weren’t getting it. By that point however we were 4-0 down and in the end it was a 5-0 whitewash. No matter, I was halfway there. I was using the random BG finder to do this Achievement, and I won 2 Isle Of Conquests between these two. The honor was beginning to rack up. I kept going: another 2 WSG’s, both 3-0 wins. The second time it was glorious, and six people achieved in a great display of co-operative play. Maybe my problem last time had been not starting early enough in the day.

Remind me not to log out in my PvP Gear…

By lunchtime I had 30k honor. I was halfway there. So far, it was all going well.

EoTS was always the worrying one of the four. When I took it (having gotten tired of waiting for it and having realised it was the Call to Arms Weekend BG) it started badly. 10 Alliance in the middle does not make a winning BG, and in the end we were badly beaten. So, I redialled the quest and prepared to defend a base in the hope that I’d get lucky. I did. I got a partial premade: seven people, and with a system. We took 3 bases and flag ran, one at a time. It was GLORIOUS, and when I finally capped my flag we won with nearly 500 points to spare. Suddenly I found myself wondering why I was worrying.

Finally I queued for AV. When the gate went up I decided I’d go for Tower Point, and about seven people followed. We all stood around the flag, in quiet contemplation and the strangest thing happened. Every time a Horde would come to cap, no-one touched them until they had, and then they’d get creamed. Someone would click the flag, and the process would repeat. It was bizarre. When you clicked, you’d head off to Drek and stand by. I hit my achievement and we won. When I looked at my final honor total for the day, I’d earnt enough for my Black War Ram. Frankly, considering the (potential) grief I thought I’d have, it was all terribly civilised in the end.

Then all I needed was four willing Guildies to go take me to Utgarde Pinnacle.

Thank you, Guys.

For a Purple Mount, it really is rather epic. Add to that the PvP Mount, the two new pets from the Orphan quests (WTB working matron in Dalaran for the third) and it’s really been a rather splendid day’s work.

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