It’s a fairly significant RL Week in the UK: the General Election is on Thursday, which could see the first hung Parliament this country has seen for… ooh… over thirty years. As a result I suspect I may be spending more time than usual in Azeroth. Escaping from RL into a Gaming World: wrong, but socially acceptable if politics are the alternative.

Anyway, on with the News.

You Just Can’t Get the Staff…

 … or in this case, you can. Yes, that’s a Nibelung there, grabbed from a weekend 25 Man ICC. Three people wanted it: the winning roll? A massive 10. This means that W is better geared (if you use the average iLevel gear thingy) than P. You can thank VoA 25 for the 264 pants and gloves. Have we said that you should be running 10 and 25 man weekly lately? ^^

Achieving, One Item at a Time.

It’s only been four Baron runs since they started keeping records ^^ That’s gonna increase over the next few weeks, as P starts off the hardest leg of her ‘Painfully Slow Crawl to 100 Mounts’ achievement. yesterday I exchanged 100 Crusader’s Seals for my Argent Warhorse: next step is doing the dailies until I have enough for the rest of the 100 Seal Mounts. I can still rack up honor for the last remaining PvP Mount. The Red AQ Beetle still eludes me. Hell, hubby even went with me to Kara last night to see if Midnight would do the honours. Here’s a man who’s being doing what we dub the ‘Circuit of Disappointment’ in ZG for close to a year without a mount dropping. Nobody said it was going to be easy…

Last night I also popped down to the Grim Guzzler to pick up some Dark Iron Ale. I watched the Tauren Chieftans do a soundcheck (if you have a Direbrew’s Remote there’s an option to summon them specially) and found myself hoping we see more of these guys come Cataclysm. This little trip means I will, in under a week, have a Jubling (finally) of my own. That will mean I’ve managed to find over 100 pets (in anticipation of at some point there being an achievement for three figures) with a load still to go. Add a trip or seven to the Swamp of Sorrows to kill Green Dragons to my ‘To Do’ List…

Things are Getting Serious.

My husband pulled out his L36 Shaman last night. I am sensing that he may be ready to level her, and if he is then it’s serious. Checking this morning that that Cataclysm Alpha test has been announced it’s inescapable, we’ve officially moved into ‘Waiting for Cataclysm’ Mode. The number of alts being levelled or improved in Guild has increased dramatically in the last month, so I sense it may be time to start programming some Old Skool into the Guild Raiding Calender. Get those instances now for Classic Raider before things start dropping off the map altogether…

Oh, and talking of alts, I have a L11 Warrior. Yes, I KNOW what I said. We will talk no more of this, at least for now…

Sell, Sell, Sell!

No doubt as a direct result of the increase in alt levelling, the AH has gone a tad bonkers. I sold over 150g’s worth of Core Leather over the weekend, plus numerous Vanilla enchanting mats for above normal prices. Now is the time to check your AH for bargains! I have a load of Strat greens to DE too… good times!

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