The Cataclysm Spoilers were just too much for some…

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth since the image-dump that’s come from the Alpha release of Cataclysm. The problem is simple: do we really want to know? Should we not wait until the Game is complete before we get to see what’s coming? Is it not a bad thing that we’re being spoilt for what’s to come so many months before we can actually get our hands on the goods?

Is it buffalo!

Spoilers are AWESOME. Spoilers whet our appetite, keep us keen across the long Summer months when all we have to look forward to is grinding Strat hundreds of times for THE DAMN MOUNT THAT NEVER DROPS. Spoilers help sooth us after a long night watching people complain they’re bored and there’s nothing left to do in a Game that you’ve not even gotten close to feeling you’re done with. Spoilers make us realise just how little time we have to do everything before it all gets reset and we have to start again. Spoilers are The Future, a place filled with endless possibility. Most importantly, they’re completely useless without a bigger context, which is why I wonder how they can cause so much consternation.

So I know what some of the new zones look like. I am reassured that the coders have a sense of humour (having seen a certain massive Star Wars: A New Hope shout out in Uldum) and that a great deal of time and effort has been taken to make the new areas look exciting and different from what we’ve seen in game previously. That’s it though, I have no idea what quests I’ll be doing, and at present only the vaguest of ideas what new talents I’ll have to play with. It’s an ALPHA RELEASE after all, and a great deal of it could change before it even arrives at my house in a box. If the data is freely available for the miners to pore over, I see no harm in them doing so (unless it breaks NDA’s and then they should be slapped all the way to Stormwind) and frankly I think it’s a good thing that we’ll have a steady stream of news to keep us talking across what might have been a pretty sparse Summer for Actual In-Game Content.

I appreciate it’s going to be hard for those who don’t want to know to avoid what’s appearing, and that’s something that does make me a bit sad. It’s not like you’re going to be able to steer totally clear of what’s pouring out onto the news sites after all. That means if you do want to remain Spoiler-Free, you’ll have to start picking and choosing what you read. That then places an added responsibility on sites reporting the changes, and I hope those people will be sensitive to the way they present the information as a result. In light of this, I will officially be stating the following:


I will be all over the spoilers. I will be revelling in the new information. I will be squeeing in unbridled excitement over the next few months, as I just CANNOT GET ENOUGH of the lovely Spoilery goodness. So, if you want to spend the Summer in ignorance of what’s to come, time to look away now.

To the rest of you, time to settle down for a VERY interesting Summer of Spoilers…

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