We still don’t have a Government in the UK, but I am told Top Men are on the case. In this climate of change, uncertainty and (it must be said here) cautious optimism for the future, it’s time to take a look back at the Week That Spoilt Us Rotten for Cataclysm.

Hello, Goodbye!

An increasing number of people are ‘Taking a Break’ in game. I’ve heard a fairly comprehensive range of excuses: time to get fit, time to step back, it’s all getting too mindless and repetitive… and I find myself recalling the Summer before both TBC and Wrath and wondering whether I should have more hobbies to distract me. The fact is I can do all these things and still derive a great deal of enjoyment from Warcraft, so I know what I’ll be doing across the Summer… the same thing I’ve always done. To those of you who are off to enjoy more of the Real World, I wish you nothing but fun and enjoyment, and if you decide to not return come Cataclysm, I entirely understand. If you want to keep in touch, you know where to find me…

Repeat Until Mindless…

Nine. That number’s gonna rise in the next week too, and despite the mock frustration it transpires that Strat runs right now are actually rather profitable. I wasn’t earning 250g an hour but the time I spent yesterday was well-financed after DE-ing all the Greens and selling on various other items. Ooh, you’ll notice there A Poke in the Eye which we did on Friday night. In an attempt to give those people who remain with us in Guild a bit of variety we’ve scheduled 25 man ICC PuG’s for the rest of the month on Friday nights. If anything it should provide some entertainment…

Boosting for Fun and Profit.

The Warlock’s job this weekend was to help my Husband’s scarily-efficient march to 80 on his Shaman (plus benefit a few Guildies levelling along the way). In the process I’ve managed to knock a few of the Classic instances off the To Do List. The Rogue also helped out last night in Sunken Temple, and made a few gold from the leather the Green Dragons were most helpful to provide. This Classic Instance running could turn out to be a pretty profitable sideline… which reminds me, I still need to do AQ40 for Why? Because it’s Red!

Oh No, Not Again.

The Grenades are Back.


Please, please, please MAKE IT STOP

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