Blizzard has made MMO take all their Alpha Content down

With the benefit of hindsight, I’m surprised that it lasted up as long as it did. The fact that a site like wow.com refused to speculate on anything should have been a warning: you don’t mess with NDA’s. Of course, once the Beta is active it’s all fair game again but by that time a great deal of the content will have changed anyway, so I suspect it’s back to the drawing board on the mining front. Still, for those of us who wasted some time pouring over what was there it was interesting, and we have a fairly decent idea now what to expect come release on the zonal changes.

I’ve been trying unsucessfully for the best part of 36 hours to copy a character to the PTR, and I hope once the PTR patch is finally available sometime today to do just that and see if I can pick up any hints of change via the new patch…

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