This week, I have been ill. There has been coughing, vomiting, sometimes both and it has not been pleasant. Even worse both occured during our 25 man PuGTastic incursion into ICC. Needless to say, there has been as much time in bed as I could manage, and today I ventured out for my first proper crack at goal progression for some time. It was, all told, a decent day.

First up, P’s latest mount from the Tournamant:

It’s the Exodar Elekk, incase you were in any doubt. If memory serves (and I’m that tired at this point not to fire up the game again and double check) I now posess 2/5 of the 100 Crusaders’ Seal-purchased Faction mounts. We’ll start again on the collection tomorrow. After this it was off to Strat again to farm until my eyes bled and I’d filled up the mailbox of a Guildie who asked for it with Runecloth. In the end, it was the second run of the night and I got the mount I have, on and off for several years, farmed for unsuccessfully:

It was the second one to drop in Guild today, one of my regular readers here also has one after (I suspect) as many runs as me to snag one. The Deathcharger’s Reins are finally mine \o/

Of course this means my next stop is Winterspring… ^^

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