England won the ICC Twenty20 World Title yesterday. No, it has absolutely no relevance to anything Azeroth-related but I’m hoping it’s the start of a run of good fortune that will spill over into the 2010 World Cup and beyond. It’s looking like a Top Summer ‘o’ Sport, the perfect accompaniment to nights of mindless grinding… which means only one thing. It’s that time again. Let the stupidity and mindless repetition begin!

Things to do after EPL When The Mount Dropped…

The good news is not only did I grab the Deathcharger’s Reins, but I did it with time to spare on the Baron’s Ultimatum ^^ That means that the Counter ‘o’ Doom slips around to 95/100: as you can see I’m only four achievements away from the Red Drake (if I can find enough people who’d want to help me finish Glory of the Hero of course) and I still have a fair few of the Tourney Mounts to gather… but still I will ignore the Loyal Defender and Alterac Valley Veteran points and head east, and then north… where the Frostsaber’s call…

Oh look, the bloke on the big rock has some quests for me…

There were at least five of us farming this morning: I don’t mind, with Rugged Leather selling for 20g a stack and dead beasts as far as the eye can see this grind is suddenly as lucrative as running Dailies. I made 300g for 90 minutes work, plus a rare pattern drop (the Whitesoul Helm) which should net a couple of hundred gold via the AH. If the prices hold for the time I work to Exalted, I’ll have made enough money to probably afford to buy one of the more expensive mounts I still don’t own (perhaps the dragon mount from the Wyrmrest or the flying lion that Mei Francis has in Dalagran) let’s hope no-one else suddenly has the urge to join in however because hunting down the Winterfall Shamen is hard enough as it stands…

Moar Legs!

My luck in VoA has become a source of ridicule amongst certain of my Guildies. I would like to say, for the record, I am well aware of Just How Bloody Lucky I Am in VOA. The latest haul? The L270 PvP Hunter trews. That’s rather ace, that is. I’m only three items away from being completely geared for Rated BG’s without the need to even think about going into an Arena. Phew.

The Land of Jammy Achievings.

It is a truth rarely acknowledged that when you try for a timed achievement, you rarely get it. In this case, I was more concerned with the 5 Frosties completing Malygos for the weekly than worrying about knocking him off in under six minutes. When he went into P2 on 35% it was pretty much a done deal anyway, but I was too busy trying to remember my spell order for P3…

Money, Money, Money.

As mentioned above, the Winterspring Grind has ‘lucrative’ written all over it, as last night’s bank alt mailbox attests (ok so I may have sneaked a couple of runs in before bedtime) The unexpected winner comes from the Shardtooth, the Bear Flank, which is pretty much a staple material for levelling from 250-300 in Cookery (if of course you’re not fishing) I’m a big fan of making hay while the sun shines, so we’ll see how many stacks I can sell before the market implodes…

3 thoughts on “Matters Arising :: May 17th Edition

  1. Jammy on VOA- idd you have moah jam than Robinsons and Hartleys combined!

    Mebee it is the game gods evening things up after all the time it took to get the Baron's mount?!


  2. “I'm only four achievements away from the Red Drake (if I can find enough people who'd want to help me finish Glory of the Hero of course)”

    /sign. I'm about seven away last time I looked, and there's at least some crossover between our respective lists. :-)


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