I believe it’s high time we had an update on P’s current Achievement project, the Mountain of Mounts.

Mounts #96 and 97, respectively

Firstly, there’s been a lot of saving. I’ve said before I wasn’t prepared to stump up 16,000g for THAT Mammoth, but I was prepared to throw 3,600g for these two mounts (especially as I’m Exalted with both factions) This means I’ve bought everything I can that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, including the Sparkly Pony of DOOM. Mount #98 should, if all has worked as it should, be available for me to redeem tomorrow. I must then thank the Friend I Referred (or slap them if it doesn’t appear, I suppose) This will mean that I’ll have both the RaF mounts in the stable. Come on, I wasn’t going to turn down my own two person rocket now was I…? While I wait, I have Mount #99 to focus on.

Forget what I said about the Dire Maul grind being the worst one ever. I used to love Winterspring, now the thought of going there makes me nauseous. However, since this screenie was made I’ve been back enough times to get 6000 rep on the bar, so we’re just a little over a third of the way there. I WILL DO THIS and not go insane… I will… and when #99 is done it’s just a case of doing Tournament Dailies to pick up the missing mount of my choice from the faction vendors. What can possibly go wrong?

If all goes well, we may finally hit the magic three figures by the end of the week…

3 thoughts on “Almost There…

  1. “and when #99 is done it's just a case of doing Tournament Dailies to pick up the missing mount of my choice from the faction vendors.”

    Personally I got all the Tournament vendor mounts as part of the grind to 100, but then I didn't have any RAF mounts to call on, nor the will to go grind for the Winterspring Frostsaber.

    If you haven't already done so, go get the Collector addon. I found out when I installed it that there was a cheap vendor mount in Darnassus I never knew of, which brought the 100 tally that bit closer. :-)


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