Kids are back at school and I feel like I could sleep for a week… so before I pass out in a heap on the sofa let’s take a look back at the last 10 days of assorted Warcraft gubbins. There is actually some news!

Last Chance To Quest.

See that? That’s a bloody great big Green Dragon attacking Moonglade that is! I finally got around to finishing off the second part of the AQ40 Scepter quest line by helping Eranikus fight his way out of corruption in the Emerald Dream. I was very glad I’d dragged Husband the Wonder Pally along for the ride, especially as the preceding part of the questline meant a 10 minute fight with the nasty satyr in Duskwood. This means I only have the last part of the quest to do in Tanaris, but as that requires 10 Elementium Ore to complete, I’m going to need to earn some cash first…

Balance is Restored.

P is now back on top of the character pile. After a long conversation with a fellow MM Hunter in an ICC 25 I did a significant amount of re-jigging of both gear and gems, and the T9 is back in the bank. I’m wearing 4/5 T10 (helm is the ICC25 drop from Marrogar) and I’ve been seeing a significant improvement in dps as a result. It took a couple of hours and a fair bit of moolah for the gems, but I think the effort was more than worthwhile. Let’s hope I can get lucky and a Deathbringer’s Will drops for me in the future…

Making Money the Easy Way: Lesson 12.

With time at a premium last week I did a lot of herbing on the Druid. In terms of time spent for money earnt it’s by far the most productive way to make a lot of money in a very short space of time. This bag for instance, a result of an hour in the Storm Peaks and then the Basin, represents a significant wodge of cash. Let me break it down:

100 Lichbloom @ 40g a stack = 200g
60 Icethorn @ 12g a stack = 36g
6 Primal Life @ 20g each = 120g
12 Frost Lotus @ 20g each = 260g

Total for Bag = 616g

This is, of course, a good run: sometimes it’s very few Frost Loti, or not as many Eternal Life. I took 20 Frost Lotus from my runs and have banked them for future use, and I will ocasionally snaffle a stack of herbs for potion/flask use, but in the main I’ll sell as much as I can. Needless to say, if you ever feel like buying one of those ‘Make 250g an Hour Legally’ Guides, don’t bother. Level Herbalism. Herbs are a guaranteed money maker. You could do the same I suspect with ore, or skins, but herbing as a Druid with flight form is simple and actually rather relaxing, and with the prices the way they are on my Server something I intend to keep doing as long as possible.

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