It started simply enough.

A particular Guildie, who had missed out on the weekly ICC10 Run, got a few people together Monday night for an off the calender try, and bought in some PuG-gers to help out. I was called in when their mage ducked out (it was his bedtime, Mum got cross ^^) and did Rotface, Festergut and Putricide pretty much as a one-shot on my Druid (thus giving her the Plagueworks achievement) As it all went well, we decided to have another go tonight, but the particular Guildie declined the invitation. This meant I offered to heal on my Shaman. After a chat in the Raid we decided that Dreamwalker was gonna be hard in a PuG as none of us had ever tried it (healing was myself, a pally and a lovely 16 year old Disco priest between her GCSE studies) so we decided we’d go do the Blood Princes. If I’m honest, I’m still in shock.

The Princes were far easier than I remember them being as a dps when we unsuccessfully tried them in Guild, mostly because as a Shammy I found a spot, dropped my totems and just healed my arse off. I only moved if I was forced too and it’s a tactic I suspect I’ll find hard to repeat as dps but no matter, I am sure I can find a way to deal with all those numerous abilities as I now know what they are. Once they’d died I was confident with the team we had the Blood Queen was simply a matter of getting the tactic sorted and her fight, I think, is far easier than the Princes. We did it as a 2-Shot. This fight was notable because I ended up for the first time ever dropping a Mana Tide totem in place of my Healing Stream because I was simply healing non-stop. With a constant damage AoE and all manner of tomfoolery happening around me the Tremor Totem ended up being worth it’s weight in gold. I can honestly say I had the most fun healing that I have ever had in five years of playing.

As an exercise in aiding Guild progression I think this evening will be a great success. Learning these two fights from a healing perspective was invaluable for starters: knowing what damage comes from where was really helpful to aid in breaking down the fight mechanics. As the Wonder Pally was also present (on his hobo Rogue) he has a great primer to take with us as we go in tonight and I am pretty confident we now know what we need to tick off a big stumbling block on our path to Arthas.

I reckon we may see the Lich King before the Summer is out.

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