…well, some of them anyway. In what is looking increasingly like the precurser to the Beta Test getting underway, Blizzard have released the Cataclysm talents for Rogues, Priests, Shaman and Druids. As all four of these are relevant to yours truly I thought I’d have a go at casting my talents via the wonders of the New and Shiny MMO Talent Calculator. First up, the easy one. Druid Talents Ahoy!

Here we have a 63/0/13 Tree. In the Resto arm it’s pretty much business as usual,with some subtle changes in the top two tiers (I reckon aimed at those of us only speccing here for the Master Shapeshifter talent)

Sigre’s DB links aren’t yet active for the talent spells so it’s good old cut and paste for now: here are the two significant spell changes. Moonfire as part of your standard rotation has been pushed for a while (Moonfire spam jokes no more, old gits!) but now it really looks as if it’s being made an indispensable damage dealer. That’s borne out by spells in the Balance Tree itself:

So that’s a 24% increase in damage for 3 seconds? Ok so that’s not long but it does seem rather a lot, especially as I’ve increased it’s base damage by 6% anyway, plus the extra 6% damage overall. Anyone want to be on how much we’re going to be nerfed come Release? ^^

New spells abound in the tree: let’s look at the highlights shall we?

You’ll see Lunar Justice on the forth tier of your Talent tree. I can see healers running towards rays of light for replenishment already, both in PvP and in 5 Mans, and there’s no excuse as they have 15 seconds to get there… and this is clearly going to be a theme for Druid’s use in raids. Solar Beam is a long overdue silence mechanic (pull those casters while questing!) and I suspect is going to be rather nifty in a PvP environment. All these beams of light from the sky could get pretty confusing, I hope Blizzard have thought through mechanics to make each one easily distinguishable from the others. If you talent Solar Beam you also get access to a completely new spell, and by the looks of it a completely new spell type to boot:

‘Spellstorm Damage’? Whut? Is this going to be a new spell type across classes? (Makes note to go check Shammy spells after this) Does this mean there will be a Spellstorm potion? Spellstorm enchants? Spellstorm mousemats and t-shirts??? Needless to say at 11% of base mana this is not a spell for the feint hearted, and with a 2 second cast… I’m going to want to see this one in action on the PTR please.

There are two other new spells of note in the tree:

If you stick 3 points in Dreamstate (mana regen) you now get Euphoria as an additional bonus. From what I’ve been able to glean about how Moonkins will work in Cataclysm, extra Lunar or Solar energy cannot be a bad thing (though I’m betting there’s gonna be a lot of micro-management of bars and the like in the early days) Needless to say 12% of our mana back per Eclipse of any variety sounds like WIN in my books.

Finally we have what I will confidently predict will be referred to for now and forever after as ‘The ‘Sroomkin Talent’ Despite being NYI (boo) this now makes speccing into Treants a total necessity for me. I’ve never used them before as I always thought they were a bit of a poinless exercise (comedy pets, die in a stupid fashion, seem vaguely annoying) but with a 70% slow as a bonus… would be rude not to!

I’ll be taking a look at the other trees over the weekend so expect similarly pithy insights when I do. Before I go however, in the hugely unlikely event that anyone from Blizzard is reading this, I ask you NOT TO CHANGE THE NAME of this Feral talent. Really guys, it’s great as it is!

One thought on “Azeroth’s Got Talent! :: Druid Edition

  1. “in the hugely unlikely event that anyone from Blizzard is reading this, I ask you NOT TO CHANGE THE NAME of this Feral talent. Really guys, it's great as it is!”

    Couldn't disagree more. To my knowledge, none of the other talents – across all trees on any class at all – have a jokey internet meme as a title. As an achievement name, sure, plenty of silly titles, but a talent name? Nah, doesn't work, IMO.


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