Been waking up earlier a lot of late. This song is great for those wee small hours.

Frankly it’s been a long couple of weeks. I’ve not been well this past few days either (one of the many disadvantages of kids are the lovely vomiting bugs they pass on ^^) which has made things all the more stressful but things are undoubtedly getting better. Much better. I have re-ignited my love for the game. No, I haven’t gotten a Beta invite (but at least one person here who’s reading does, so enjoy your time in Cataclysm :D ) but what I have done is finally attacked the one class I’ve never really gotten my head around: Paladins.

This is B, my L17 Palalalalaladin. As you can see his hair needs some thought (but it’s a source of constant amusement which is always a bonus) and he’s wearing Shaman heirlooms, which means he’s planning to heal his way to 80. The key factor in his levelling however is he’s not doing it alone: my husband has his second Pally Tank (P) and we are levelling together. To say it’s the most fun I’ve had in-game for a while would be an understatement: yes, the achieving is great and the progression is awesome (we did some last week as well, more of that later) but the biggest love for me in Warcraft is the sense of playing, and levelling together has re-ignited both our loves of that side of the game. Last night, for instance, we went with our son’s L13 priest and did some Deadmines runs, which were hugely satisfying for all three of us.

Yes, I KNOW I said I’d not do any more levelling but the opportunity to do it with my husband (and the fun we’re having as a result) was frankly too good an opportunity to pass up. Now all I need to do is sort out my skinning skill so I can make some cash on the side…

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