(…except you’re reading this on Tuesday… but you get the gist)

B avoids the gratuitous Iron Maiden references…

The Stockades gets a lot of grief as an instance, most of it justified. Unless you’re Alliance it’s pretty much a complete waste of time and effort (/soothes Hordies who get it in the Daily Random Finder): even if you are Alliance the loot sucks. There is none. No end Boss Blue. Hell, even Ragefire Chasm possess a decent loot table by comparison. However, if you want to stick on three levels in a fairly short space of time as you watch your levelling companion get dragged around by his L80 Pally, it has no equal.

That’s what we did last night. I healed P, she followed the Wonder Pally, and we did 17-20. Ironically none of the Stockades quests are available yet so we will be going back but L20 opens up the questline to obtain Verigan’s Fist (which really is a decent weapon even now) This means, in no particular order, trips to Shadowfang, Blackfathom Deep and back to the Deadmines (we did Loch Modan last night) which should create a fair bit of levelling potential. Level 20 also means riding, albeit slow, but it’s better than running all the way to Silverpine which I have to admit would not have been entertaining. Blackfathom will be especially entertaining as I still have a problem with that set of jumps on the platforms at the beginning ^^ The game may change, but the incompetence of this player is pretty much constant…

What I will be doing is keeping a sharp eye on how much money can be made by the selling of items we gather on the way to 80. Despite me complaining about the shameful loot we had two BoE blues drop in the Stockades (both L19’s, which might mean they have some cash value) and I made 15g from the Copper Ore we gathered on Sunday night. There is still money to be made at low levels, and as the last days of levelling pre-Cataclysm tick away there are a lot of people doing the 1-80 grind one last time. We counted five people doing the Stockades with us last night, there were at least a dozen people in Lakeshire, most in Heirlooms.

We are clearly not alone.

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