With all that tomfoolery around the real ID thang, one would think there’s been nothing else going on in Personal WoW Land over the last week. It has been quiet, yes, but it’s not been dead, so let’s take a quick look at what’s been happening elsewhere… except the Armoury is busted :( According to my last look I’ve done nothing on any character since July 1st (I know I’ve been lazy but not THAT lazy…) I was going to link you how the Guild had been awesome and is now 9/12 in ICC, but as I can’t you’re just going to have to take my word for it. Instead, let me talk about money. Yes, cold, hard cash.

Cash Converters!

This week has been all about profits.

As the reign of Arthas comes to an end, it’s time to start doing some forward planning. As it has been stated in various places that old currency will be useless come Cataclysm, I’ve been spending the week converting what I have into useful currency: epic gems. As you can exchange both Elbows and PvP Honor for gemmage, it’s been time to clear out the currency windows of the (extensive) alt family. Old Elbows are exchanged: I’m holding onto Frosties and Triumphs however as they can get me a range of other items (including crafting mats which may well have some additional value as people rush to maxx professions pre-Cataclysm) Anything below Triumph has been converted down and again used for gem purchase. All those old PvP tokens were handed in, one at a time (^^) for the same end. Needless to say once the sale of all these was counted, I’ve made enough to buy Epic Flight with a good tip.

There’s also been a lot of bank clearance: old enchanting mats are going for good coin (as indeed are the new ones as the number of people running heroics drops while people ‘take a break’) Eternals are always great sellers, as are ore and flowers. There’s some bonuses too: TBC Rep items have soared in price as people level alts, leather is insanely priced in all flavours, and even the stalwart Cores from MC/Coins & Bijoux from ZG will give a decent return. As people try to cross off items in their Bucket Lists, the strangest stuff is profitable. Go check your banks, it’s time to see what’s selling well where you live :D

Palalalalaladin Update.

We’re heading for Level 40 now, the 30’s are behind us, and we’ve got stuck into Duskwood (as we’re levelling the Human Way for what will be the last time) There’s been SM runs, and RFD this weekend, and the train of momentum shows no signs of diminishing. My gear still sucks, but I got a haircut. Expect screenies near you this week :D

Unexplained Phenomena.

This has happened a couple of times on various toons, so I thought it worth reporting. There’s a patch of land in the Borean Tundra (in the Rhino area where you find Lunchbox) where if you kill the Rhinos you automatically drop a blood pool and remain red, very much on dry land (I’ve tried fishing it, it doesn’t work) It’s this kind of scary portent which would make the superstitious think there might be some kind of apocalyptic event just around the corner…

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