Poor old Bolvar: one week you’re a big cheese at the Wrathgate, the next you’re an ornament on the Frozen Throne. I have to say I didn’t think I’d see the End Game until after Wrath was long gone, but an ID we’ve held onto for a fortnight now came good last night when we downed Dreamwalker and then Syndragosa in an evening.Best try after our first night of work tonight was 67%, which considering the amount of tomfoolery going on in this fight to start with is pretty bloody impressive. Go Guild!

I expect some more wiping on Arthas over the weekend: tomorrow is 25 man too, so who knows what manner of stuff may happen? I can tell you what won’t happen though, I won’t manage to complete ICC 10 on P (or indeed the Druid, the Shammy or the Lock) because all have key bits missing: P’s not done the Crimson Halls (which the Shammy has) and W’s got the Frostwing Halls where no-one else has (as she did the double header last night) Given the choice I’d like to do it all on P but you know I’ll cope if it doesn’t happen.

Frankly getting to P3 in this fight is going to be the Mother of All Bonuses.

One thought on “I Remember You!

  1. Way to go Guild!

    Kingslayer is there for the taking…

    I really must dust off my leather gear (ooeer), watch the tactics vids and sign up for ICC again!




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