It’s high time I came clean and introduced my Horde Family :D

This is E, my Druid (Balance, AH-specced with Skinning and Herbalism) who hit 80 last month. She was born for a couple of reasons, the main one being PvP. Being Alliance on my Server meant a lot of losing, so I decided that having a Horde character to do battlegrounds with might alleviate some of my frustration. Note the use of the past tense there because (ironically) as soon as I had a Hordie at 80 my luck as Alliance in BG’s improved. The amended plan therefore includes taking part in the Tournament Dailies (so I can sell myself the Horde Pets via the neutral AH) and preparing to help reclaim the Echo Isles pre-Cataclysm. I also suspect she’ll form the basis of a Horde presence come the Expansion as I fully intend to roll at least one Goblin, who considering the utter lack of potions on the Horde AH is likely to be kitted as a JC-er and an Alchemist so I won’t have to ferry gems and potions across faction.

Needless so say the Horde experience on my Server is a vastly different beast to being on the Alliance side. Randoms are a great deal more frustrating, for one thing, but despite this fact I’ve managed to pull together a not totally useless set of gear which should serve me well for soloing come Cataclysm. I’ve done virtually no raiding (with the exception of the Weekly when it’s an easy boss or VoA 25 when the Horde get themselves organised enough to hold it) so I still only have a L200 weapon, but I hope to be able to run a Heroic FoS or two to correct that before the end of the month. My current pet project is running all the Classic 5 mans before Blizzard go and change them all forever: today I was King of Dire Maul (albeit briefly) to see how much money could be made from killing every Gordok Mastiff in the Instance. initial reports look as if this could be a rather profitable enterprise, something I’d like to repeat Alliance side… except it appears the Login Servers are broken :(

When they’re working again, I must go take a picture of my Horde Hunter as well…

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