Gotta love a huge sparkly pile of corpses… :D

Have I told you lately how much I enjoy skinning?

I feel it’s often regarded as the least-appreciated gathering profession, because it hinges on you killing large amounts of mobs which, as a rule, never drop anything particularly good. However, with the improvements that Blizzard have made to Leatherworking, it’s now a pretty simple way to make lots and lots of money with, in many cases, extremely little effort. This particular grind, which is my second current favourite next to the Nagrand Runs, is quick and simple and gives back a very decent return. I’ve even mocked up a guide for this one, using one of the new Cataclysm Instance maps. I’m sending you to what will be known in Cata as the Gordok Commons, but which I know as as Dire Maul West or the Tribute Run…

I ran this instance a great deal back during my grind to The Exalted and I said I’d never come back, but the lure of the Gordok Mastiff was really too great to resist. He’s one of these lovely creature that when skinned has a chance to yield 2 Rugged Leather, and with a stack at 40g plus on the AH… we should get started!

A: First Courtyard.

Back in the day this area used to give people nightmares, but as an 80 it’s a glorious opportunity to gather and nuke for maximum return. There are 26 dogs in total, spread around the edge of the green area. Depending on your class, spec and persuasion you can pick them off in packs of four or gather them with Guard Mol’dar and the Brute that sits with a pack of three dogs in the top left hand corner. The Mastiff Jawbones and Gordok Chew Toys sell for over 3g a stack of 20 too, so remember to check your bag space beforehand.

There are also dogs around the outside of this area: a patrolling Gordok Brute with 2, a Brute with 1 and another with 3, so make sure you take out these last 6 dogs before moving to the next courtyard.

B: Second Courtyard.

There are 21 dogs in this area but they’re sadly not as well placed. Needless to say a methodical approach will make short work of them all. Spread around the outer ring of the courtyard are Brutes with packs of 3 dogs, with a couple of roaming patrols. In the inner courtyard there’s a pack of 3 dogs top right. Make sure you pick up the Gordok Courtyard Key from the chest in the middle of the courtyard if you want to exploit the presence of Knot Thimblejack in the instance…

C: The Leatherworking Cache.

A & B on an average run take 15 minutes, that’s a total of 188 mobs an hour. If, when you’ve killed ogres along the way you’ve been lucky enough to loot the Gordok Shackle Key, then you have the added chance to pick up some extra leatherworking goodies and the opportunity to loot a rare or epic pattern from the cache. Add to that 350 reputation across the entire Steamweedle Cartel for freeing Knot and this is a pretty decent bonus for your farming efforts. The downside of course is that it adds time to your farm, so I’ll leave this one up to you.

I got two keys in my four sample runs, which means my actual farm time was 70 minutes and not 60. The extras however more than made up for the overrun:

At my current AH prices, this bag is worth a minimum of 500g, quite aside from the 120 Runecloth from the ogre kills and the three books that dropped, plus sales of grey items and sales from DE-ing green items. This farm of course carries the benefit of no-one else to bother you at all when you’re working.

I’m in the process of compiling a list of what drops from each of the Classic Instances which I will post in the week, so you can tailor your farming experience to fit whatever’s not on sale at your AH. There’s never been a better time to capitalise on Vanilla Farming!

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