Once Upon a Time, a Girl had an Idea about what she’d like to do with her family of alts prior to Cataclysm. Then one day she realised that the reason why she’d stopped wanting to play her alts for a while was precisely because she’d made the plan to begin with. It was time to think about things another way. Instead of lots of faffing, she decided to throw the old idea out the window and simply pick an alt she fancied at the start of each week and do some stuff with them, as well a bit of levelling on the side. This week, Plan B centres around W the Warlock.

This Week’s Objectives.

  • Level Fishing to 450. W’s the closest to maxxing the skill of all of the family, with only only nine points left, so I’ll combine that with grabbing some Fish Feast mats in the process. At the back of my mind I have an insane plan to get as many characters as possible to 450. Yes, I am that mad.
  • Complete one of my reputations currently at Revered. After the announcement about ZG, I think it might be the Zandalar Rep that gets the first nod, as it’s entirely possible I can solo enough of the instance to actually get this done. However there is the option to go and kill large numbers of Ogres to sort out my Kurenai rep (and combine it with a bit of farming on the side) One of these should be doable in a week, just need to decide which one.
  • Do some work on my PvP gear. I’ve grabbed a couple of very nice items via VoA across the last few months (including 270 legs) and I think it might not be a bad idea to upgrade some of the L200/213 items to a higher level. I can nab an easy cape upgrade if I stick  myself in a few WG’s (for instance) and as I’m hoping it’s an AV Weekend upcoming that would help contribute some honor towards new boots and a belt. Then all I need to do is transmute some decent gems and I’m set with a second alt prepped for Rated BG’s.

I’ve also made a conscious effort to ensure I do the daily JC Quest to grab some of the patterns I miss (which appears to be most of them) If I can manage all that this week I’ll be both happy and impressed.

Over to the Dark Side.

It’s not just the Lock getting love this week however: I pulled out my Priest yesterday (who has a hastily-concocted Shadow spec and a great deal of TBC gear still to replace) and I’ve finally moved her past 76. With the new level comes the Daily Tournament Quests and access to the Holdir questline. I reckon with the rested I have and a few well-placed Daily Randoms I can stick another level or two on this week, which means I’d better start thinking of crafting some gears for two 80’s not one. The Pally should also get an outing (I hope) so here’s a reminder to myself to keep an eye on the AH for some midweek bargains, especially those two hideously-overpriced Zom’s Cracking Bulwarks that were still up for sale this morning.

And Finally…

I have an idea for a video. I’ve gone so far as to storyboard it, now all I need to find is someone to make it with me… *flutters eyelashes at husband*…

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