Me and the Gnomey Recruits, ready to roll…

Yes, I’ve done it (see my Achievement Widget). Actually, I’ve done it more than once to see how much XP the levellers are likely to get for completing it, and it’s well over 150,000 (so we’ll be running it with everyone eligible as a result) I’ll also have a crack at the Echo Isles event tomorrow and then I’ll pass final judgement. For now, have some pictures :D

Speeding away from Gnomeregan after a successful Recon mission!

Even though I knew it was coming, there was still a moment of squee when I met this guy:

The final fight, without giving anything away, will remind anyone who’s done it of the Battle for the Undercity. The difference was for me the sheer number of other people at 9.30am this morning who were ready to roll into defence for the Alliance…

One or two people turn up to retake the city…

You’re going to enjoy it, so make sure you do it at least once. There’s a snazzy trinket as a bonus but (sadly) the final reward isn’t that great. Still, we’re on the road to Cataclysm now, and with the final seconds of this event before you end up in Ironforge you’ll see Blizzard is taking the cut scene in new directions. Roll on Expansion!

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