Ah yes, Warlock Love. The Great Week (TM) gets better and better, as it transpires.
#1: Fishing to 450. Sorted.

It was going to be Fish Feasts but a quick peruse of the AH showed me a stack of Dragonfin selling for 80g. Yes, just the one ^^ Never one to turn down the opportunity of a quick sale I threw up my stacks with a sensible undercut and watched them purchased before I even made it back to Ironforge’s Bank. Moral of the Story: What I think is a realistic price is inevitably Far Too Cheap. No matter. That’s two alts fishing maxxed (Druid next, makes mental note) and that’s 150g for 30 minutes effort. Works for me.

#2: Reputation Situation.

Number of Ogres slaughtered for belongings = 161
Number of Obsidian Warbeads in belongings = 50

Amount of Reputation gained in one hour’s farming = 4110, which means that I’ll be Exalted by Monday (or thereabouts) If only all rep grinds were that simple and that easy to rationalise. You know, I may be an insane crazy person and go do the Netherwing Grind next…

#3: PvP Gears.

Dame Fortune is often a fickle mistress, Gentle Readers. However when you get a week like this, it does all seem to stack with you. Rolls go your way. Famous dead people offer to bring you back to life.

[Promise I won’t mention that again… ^^]

I have two out of three items secured. My new shoes are the Relentless Gladiator’s Treads of Dominance which Koralon the Flame Watcher was good enough to drop yesterday in 25 Man VoA (and which I was the only roller on) while I finally snagged enough wins in WG itself this morning to pick up the Titan-Forged Cloak of Ascendancy. Just the belt to go then and I’m sorted, but it’s going to take a bit of work to get everything gemmed and enchanted (eight gems needed and four enchants and that’s before the last upgrade) so I’m ready for some PvP practice pre-Expansion…

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