There’s a couple of excuses for cheesy pop this weekend, here’s the first. The reason? Well, I can officially announce my first Cataclysm Goal: totally owning Archeology.

When I was at Secondary School there was a boy I really liked, but everyone else thought he was weird. He loved history, and as a result we studied together for two years. He went on to become a fully-fledged Archaeologist, and I remember thinking (as this was about the time a certain Dr Indiana Jones became ingrained into the public consciousness) what an absolutely cool job it is to dig up the past. The future may be shiny and exciting but without a solid understanding of the past we have no idea of what we are and what we have gone through to be here.

When Blizzard announced the Archeology profession there was a not unreasonable amount of squeeing from this corner. As the details of this profession have begun to emerge that squeeing has increased significantly, until this morning when I fired up MMO Champion to discover the following datamined achievements and (ho yus) associated titles:

Quite aside from the continuing homage to the Indiana Jones movies, there are three titles I would be very happy to have on any of my alts. The last one especially appeals to my sense of making sure the past is accessible to everyone: as a wise Fox one said (many, many times) the truth is out there, I just need to dig it up :D It’s also becoming apparent that there are some lovely rewards on offer for any budding Archaeologist, which may even include an AQ mount for our troubles.

Is the Expansion out yet??? ^^

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