Yes, of course I’m downloading it…

Patch 4.0.1 is available for download on the PTR’s.

This has caught most people competely by surprise. The patch, as it stands, is EXACTLY the same World as we currently inhabit, with the major change of updated talents and spells. This will be what you’ll get if you choose not to buy the Expansion, if I read things correctly which makes me wonder, if you want to level 1-60 without Cataclysm is it possible to interact with anyone? Will you be in one version of the World while everyone else is phased?

The patch is a whopping 14GB, which also begs the question whether there is content that is currently ‘locked’ and that can be released in a structured manner. There’s also only two PTR relams available in Europe: I’d predict it’s going to be a tad laggy if I’m lucky enough to get onto it…

3 thoughts on “Blimey Charlie!

  1. Turns out that 4.0.1 is coming at in a couple of weeks and has the talent/mechanic changes but none of the old world.
    4.0.3 is coming out shortly before Cataclysm and has the new world, quests and class combinations. Something tells me that will not be enough time to fully level my dwarf shaman before Cat.


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