That will be Level 80 #9 then… the Priest hit the big eight-zero doing the Holdir quests (which seems to be something of a trend of late…)

I levelled her Shadow (simply because it was easier) but I will be gearing her Holy (because of the reduced Heroic queue wait times) Last night I picked up her Tier 8 hat from the Dailies pre-80 and a couple of very nice ICC 10 Normal items (thanks again to the Guildies who were good enough to run me through it in one hit) She already has 245 Bracers and I suspect, should the process of healing in Heroics prove as stressful as I suspect it will, may well get a couple of gifts in the coming weeks. Next to level: Palalalaladin.

I can also confirm that the Horde Cataclysm precursor is just as good as the Alliance one and may actually be better as the Trolls do what the Gnomes can’t and actually beat their nemesis and reclaim the Echo Isles proper. There’s also a decent introduction to the concept of the Troll Druid (they’ve been in hiding on the Isles waiting for my arrival, apparently) The are clear parallels between both events, but I’m going to say I enjoyed throwing frogs far more than I did testing Gnomish Tanks.

B and her Troll Recruits on their way from Razor Hill.

I’d also argue the transformation for the Horde is far better looking than the Gnome Infantry:

E flies away from Shatt in her cunning disguise…

I will run the rest of the family through the Alliance event this week: with 4.0.1 arriving on the PTR’s there’s no telling how long it’s likely to be about after all…

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