I got into trouble this week for using the phrase ‘Gentlemen, start your engines’ as it is clearly pejorative. If the title of today’s entry offends you I would point out this is part of a well-established idiom and frankly if it bothers you that much it’s probably best that you just stop reading. I’m pretty liberal as a rule and I’d say I lean a fair bit towards feminism, but frankly there’s sensible and there’s PC gone mad. Shoo now.

Right then, to the matter in hand.

Pitlord Head on a Stick = PROFIT.

As was previously stated, this week I have farmed. A LOT. There was a point on Wednesday that I couldn’t get the Adamantite on the AH quickly enough, it would sell as soon as it was listed. However there comes a point where incessant circuits of Nagrand makes you want to kill stuff, so last night I went out with a couple of Guildies who’d decided it was a good time to take a swipe at finishing their Outland Dungeonmaster and Outland Dungeon Hero achievements. As we began in Hellfire, the Wonder Pally punted the idea of killing Magrethedon (which is a popular weekly farming target of a regular reader here) for the cash. It took us about seven minutes and the four of us netted 150g each, quite aside from the gem bag and the 20 slotter. That’s not bad for less than ten minutes work. Plus I get to buff an entire quest zone :D

It’s been a week of obtaining cash from odd sources, if truth be told, quite aside from the mining bonanza. I’ve been trying to finish the Shattrath Fishing Dailies on a couple of alts, and one of the fishing bags coughed up a pair of Antique Silver Cufflinks. A quick squint on my auction house data told me these sold for 150g, which I have to admit I found hard to believe, and decided to put them up as a test. They’d gone by the end of the day. Colour me stunned.

Having had a clear out on the Tailor Mage in anticipation of Cataclysm, I found myself with 48 Bolts of Silk Cloth I was fully prepared to vend. In a moment of madness I decided instead to make what is my favourite shirt of the last five years: the Rich Purple Silk Shirt pattern only dropped in SM, and with such a rarity the pattern itself could command a four figure sum. I’d made myself one as it’s the best match I’ve found to Mage Tier 10 gears, and I settled on a 30g buyout price. At time of writing I’ve sold six, and I’ve made up a few more with the last of the mats I’d got in my bag for the weekend. It’s true, people will buy the strangest things.

It’s also true that farming does not have to involve painful and repetitive grinds. It can be fun, it can involve your mates, and it can be based on the strangest of raw materials…

3 thoughts on “One Man’s Trash…

  1. You should take a look at wowprospector.com and see if you're selling it for too little. Or, try prospecting it yourself and selling the results to people leveling JCing.

    Personally, any time the stuff is below 40g a stack, I buy it all. I still make a really nice profit on it :)


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