Tonight SHOULD have been Ulduar Hard Modes. Sadly we couldn’t make the numbers, and I didn’t have the heart to pull people away from levelling. I’m going to admit I’m pretty grumpy it didn’t happen (and I will be programming it again next month in the vain hope I might actually get to see Algalon the Observer before Cataclysm) but I decided instead to round up some Guildies, look at our Glory of the Hero achievements and see what we could do to finish them.

As you can see, I’m done. T & E have Chaos Theory to do to finish theirs, and S has Ruby Void. That will mean by this time tomorrow that’s four more people with the achievement. It may not be Hard Modes but it’s a good use of the time we had.

It’s a pity the quest reward’s only 280% speed though, I’m a big fan of the Proto Dragons and I think this looks a damn sight better than the Purple one…

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