…or perhaps not :(

I am slightly perturbed, it must be said.

If things stay as they currently are on the PTR, a T10 chestpiece will cost 1100 Justice Points after all badges and other sundry gubbins are converted to the new currency. One Badge, whether it be Frost or Triumph, converts to 2.75 Justice Points. This means:

95 Emblems of Frost = 261 Justice Points
Apologies to everyone I lamented to this weekend about this, but frankly this seems like a TOTALLY bum deal. On the one hand, doing a 1:1 conversion and pricing the T10 gears accordingly was never really going to happen, if we’re honest, because it then gives an inflated value to Triumphs. However, converting both Triumph and Frost at the same rate, albeit more than 1:1 is really not that sensible either. Frosties should have a greater value than Triumph, simple as. To make this even close to fair Frosties should be worth ten Justice Points each. Part of me really can’t see that happening.

Bearing this in mind, I went and looked at everyone’s Currency totals who’s not at present in their optimal gear. K the Mage was nine Frosties away from a T10 chest as of Friday night, and with an ICC 25 T10 Upgrade token sitting in the bank it occurred to me I’d probably be pretty stupid not to upgrade her chest as soon as possible. Even if the conversions do get sorted (by some miracle) before 4.0.1 I’ll still have a bunch of Triumphs I can use for a T10 Hat or the 264 Hit trinket, so I’ll have lost nothing. If I left it however… that might be a far bigger issue. Everyone else’s totals are probably too low for me to be able to do anything about them without a concerted farm, with the exception of G the EngiHunter whom I reckon will be wearing new shoulders before 4.0.1 hits.

With Brewfest incoming I do at least have the opportunity to pick up two extra Frosties a day for what should be less than 30 seconds work.  Let’s see we where we stand 48 hours before 4.0.1 hits before we make any more decisions…

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