There’s more than the normal amount of healthy competition in our household of late: The Wonder Pally, who has grown increasingly perturbed at the amount of gold I’ve been generating (‘money comes to money’ being the phase he seems to mutter under his breath more often than not) has been doing some ZG and MC Runs to attempt to boost his income. In the spirit of this a debate began last night (fuelled by a similar discussion on Maintankadin) and we found ourselves discussing what would be best to stockpile to sell once Cataclysm hits. WonderPally pointed out to me something I’d totally failed to grasp: the lure of the Realm First Achievements.

I countered his argument quite well, I thought: people won’t want Old World mats to get to 525, that’s all new content that we can’t pre-farm… until he pointed out we have two new races. Goblins and Worgen. Surely (I replied, getting a little concerned) these people won’t care about trade skills, all they will be interested in is the quickest route to 85, to which Wonderpally responded with the killing blow: you know that there’s going to be someone who’ll want not only to get Realm First Goblin but Realm First on the trade skills as well, and if there’s one…

There’s no denying he has a point. The question then becomes what would be most sensible to stockpile.

I’ve seen at first hand the increase in Engineers and Jewelcrafters on my server in anticipation of the changes in game, but with the announcement this morning of a possible Alchemy-only mount there could be interest right across the trade skills. Part of me thinks that if I were going to be clever I should see what the most popular speed levelling guides suggest you have to do the job the quickest but I know in my heart that if I stockpiled amounts of the exact same stuff I’m selling currently I doubt I’d have any trouble selling it come Cataclysm because I can guarantee absolutely no-one is going to want to be farming anywhere except in the new content. The question then becomes whether I can squeeze in one more L1 into my accounts to act as a mule… of course I can. As it happens I already have part of the job done for me…

I have a fairly serious issue with hoarding, and C (who is, as it happens the first ever hunter I rolled back in 2005 on a PvP Server) gives me a place to store the stuff I occasionally need to use if I need to make a low level potion or have to prospect some ore/craft an item. The two Bank slots I think will come in very useful, and so I fully intend to clear out the rest of her bags and prep her to be storage space with a purpose, with an additional L1 on standby should I get ahead of myself. I think it might well be worth hoarding stacks of the very precious metals like Titanium and Khorium now for release, plus perhaps items like Frost Lotus which are unpredictable in their drop rate. Guaranteeing a supply after all is worth big money.

With seemingly no end to the speed I can sell raw materials at present, the question then becomes just how much do I save for the launch?

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