WHY is it always the DPS who are last to click ready…?

The last couple of days have been hard on the soul.

I took the decision to speed-gear my Priest, newly-dinged, based on a couple of factors. The overriding one was the enjoyment I get playing her: I’d genuinely forgotten how flexible and useful Holy Priests could be. Even with the portents of DOOM I’m hearing from Cataclysm Beta testers were not enough to sway me from my task: I would gear her to as close to pre-ICC as I could and she would form part of the Azerothian Expeditionary Forces.

Had the Dungeon Finder not existed this would, of course, have been a far longer task. However, I suspect it would have been a lot less thankless, but perhaps not as stiff a test of my ability to actually heal. I have learnt a great deal in the last few days. I’d forgotten people expect you to protect them when they stand in fire for long periods (Brann’s Escort Event in Halls of Stone being a popular favourite) and the fact they will blame you if you let them die whilst doing so. Tanks, including the non-defense capped ones will expect you never to drink in the Pit of Saron, despite the fact it took all your mana to keep the group alive. They’ll just keep running, so a polite ‘STOP I’d like some mana now so I can continue to keep you alive.’ macro is pretty much de rigeur. The Oculus is a great place for testing how many people still don’t know how to use the Drakes (it took four tanks Wednesday night to arrive in the instance and leave without hitting a mob for us to find someone who knew what to do… ^^) Occasionally, if I’m lucky (and I have to say those instances are very few and far between) I got a great group. Those instances allowed me to play a bit with my spells, to work out which were best for what situation. Ironically, these were inevitably the ones with Guildies.

If the five mans are as hard as I’m hearing they are in Cataclysm, I have to say I think the days of widespread Random Dungeon Finder usage could be numbered…

I should also confess a sin at this point. I bought two pieces of ilevel 245 PvP gear, a cloak and a belt, to boost my stats. This means (after various purchases and crafts) I’m simply two trinkets and my legs away from the Epic achievement. My Weapon may only be ilevel 219 but I’m betting that will be replaced pretty quickly come Cata anyway. Once I have the Frost Badge Trinket and some nice ilevel 232 legs to complete my 4 set T9 Bonus I’m all set. It didn’t stop some abuse concerning that gear yesterday though: my first trip into HoR heroic was halfway through, joining a four man Guild group from another server after the first ten waves of Hell. I wondered why, having survived what is by far the worst part of the Instance, a healer would choose to bail… I soon had my answer, as after I suggested to the tank he might want to fight closer to the walls on the Gauntlet waves the abuse began. In all of this I never forget this is a game, and if people won’t take a suggestion in the way it is intended, there’s always another group. If they have the time to inspect my gear and abuse me about it to boot…

Do I feel bad I left the Group mid wave and halfway through the Gauntlet? Yes I did, but it passed. Sometimes you need to know when it’s time to walk away. I apologise for leaving you guys, but frankly I think it’s the least you deserved. My gear doesn’t affect my ability to heal, it just means I have to heal more to compensate. Some resilience on it doesn’t make me a scrub. It just means I made a choice.

To add insult to injury, after a long day of random hell, our ICC 25 PuG has been canned by an instance server reset. Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.

Here’s a really lovely picture of my Priest high above ICC while we wait for the Server to come back up again…

2 thoughts on “The Loneliness of the Averagely-Geared Priest

  1. “WHY is it always the DPS who are last to click ready…?”

    It isn't. Your perception is skewed by the fact that there is a 3 in 5 chance of a DPS being the last to click, compared to a 1 in 5 chance of it being a healer or tank. :-)


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