Halion isn’t nearly as hard as everyone has told me he is, you know. Maybe P3 will own me even more than P1 and 2 did, who knows, but I have to say this seems easier than Arthas did when we started on him. We made it to 50% by the way. I get Giant Purple Rotating Balls now ^^

Oh, and for reference, today’s highlights have included the following:

  • One Brewfest Ram for K (full set), One Kodo for M the Rogue and another Kodo destroyed :(
  • N the Priest finally got her Purified Lunar Dust.
  • W the Lock finished the Upgrades to her PvP set (belt bought) and is less than 4000 rep away from Exalted with the Zandalar.
  • G the WonderEngiHunter has a new hat AND a new chest.

Not bad for a day’s work. I predict it’s going to be a week of farming incoming…

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