I’ve decided just having one herb gatherer isn’t enough for Cataclysm.

Now you might be thinking ‘well most people manage with one herbalist just fine ACTUALLY’ and you would of course be correct. However, as should now be apparent, I like doing things in the most complicated, involved and ultimately nerdy way possible. Hence we give you now the hastily-concocted Plan H.

My only Herbalist thus far is M the Druid, who isn’t going out as my first wave of levellers. W the Lock is an Alchemist and Jewelcrafter, and is part of the Azerothian Expeditionary Forces as well as N the Priest (Enchanting, Inscription) and P (Leatherworking, Skinning) That means that I will need someone to be providing mining and herbalism services to enable these guys to crack on with professions as they go. Step up M the Rogue: she had skinning and mining as proffs to help pull in some cash whilst levelling, so it’s not a hardship to forget skins and pick up the picking (as it were) Plus, as she levels I can store her gathering efforts to sell on at Cataclysm launch. Job dun!

M’s also the only suitable candidate to hold epic mount skill: can’t be gathering on a slow mount, now can we? Not when they’ll be about four gazillion other people all aiming for the same Expansion nodes… and of course, gathering in Cataclysm will grant XP. It’s perfect…

As a result of all this, I’d expect M to be the second alt this week to earn her World Explorer tabard… :D

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