…one alt at a time :D

…and all in one evening :D

W’s explorations are complete, and with them a selection of screenshots I’ll be compiling into an album once I’ve sent M the Rogue on the same task. The Zandalar rep didn’t even need a trip to ZG to complete, thanks to a generous Guildie who’d just finished the same grind himself and provided me with some spare coins and bijoux. Next up for the Warlock: Classic Dungeonmaster!

Oh and I had to post this shot, highlighting the awesomeness that is the Great Brewfest Kodo combined with a quick shlurp of Dire Brew…

K the Mage models this Autumn’s Signature colours of brown and… brown!

Malygos is the weekly for us, so hopefully P can get it done to finally complete the Instance Quest (having managed to win a Key to the Focussing Iris about a year after everyone else…)

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