Blizzard changed the conversion rate for Emblems. One Frosty or Triumph will be worth a MASSIVE 11.58 Justic Points, and any JP over the 4000 hard cap come Cata will now be converted to 47.5 silver per point.

Had Blizzard stuck with the 1 JP = 2g conversion, they’d have owed me 8652g. I can totally understand why they reduced that… ^^

As a result of this change, today’s dilemma is as follows:

Do I spend 276 Emblems on 12 Primordial Saronite (which will make one pair of 264 legs of for the Priest plus almost another pair of 264 boots for someone else) or do I blow them on three pieces of L254 PvP Gears for P’s Rated BG Adventures?


Answer Back

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