Here we are, waiting for the Apocalypse.

Currently we *reckon* 4.0.1 is scheduled for the 13th October in Europe but frankly, at this moment, your guess is as good as mine. It may well be accompanied by the familiar rumble of Engineering Helicopters, who can tell. For now you’d be wise to put on the camouflage face paint and go hide in the water somewhere.

The waiting is frankly beginning to get a bit frustrating.

It’s not like we don’t know it’s coming. Those of us who have had a tantalising glimpse of The Future via the PTR are well aware of the chaos that’s imminent, and we’re not talking about the Elemental Invasion either.

Don’t look at me, I’m not cleaning this up…

As time grinds on it’s the not knowing that becomes the most annoying aspect of all this. We can second guess, surmise and postulate until our heads explode, and we are. What we really need, quite frankly, is a definite string of dates. If December 7th really is Zero Hour one can only hope that the waiting will be over soon.

However, as a wise man once warbled, how soon is now?

Needless to say this is good news for the L79 Pally Healer who, by the time you next read here, is likely to have become the latest 80 addition to the family…

4:00 PM EDIT: December 7th is CONFIRMED :D


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