Having established the exact date of the End of All Things, it seems an opportune moment to remind you good people out there that stuff is going to disappear really soon. Once it’s gone, that’s yer lot really, but Blizzard are decent enough to have a) given us notice of the event and b) converted a lot of the achievements associated with the soon-to-be-extinct content to Feats of Strength. If you’re an achievement whore sad completist avid player like myself you may as a result to finish some of these before the Shattering(which I’d estimate we’ll see late October/early November) The alternative of course is a nice couple of weeks in the Carribean, but for those of us forced to live in the Real World, here’s a list of some of the more notable things going the way of the Dodo.

  • Zul’Gurub: the Original and Best Troll-themed raiding hub (Zul’Aman haters to the left!) is becoming a low-level quest area. This means not only the achievement for completing it is history, but so is the reputation grind that results from your first visit. Of note to the fishing types out there the Deadliest Catch achievement becomes a Feat: even if you don’t want the Salty title it’s really worth doing this series of quests at least once. El’s Extreme Angling offers a complete walkthrough for you lazy types. If you’re looking to knock this off ZG I’d suspect you won’t be alone and you’ll find a plentiful supply of bijoux and coins to help with the grind to complete Hero of the Zandalar Tribe. Be warned though, this is gonna take a while, so no slacking.
  • ANY Current Quest in Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor: No, I’m not going to be able to list for you what stays and what goes. To be on the safe side I would assume that ANY quest that exists in the Old World has an expiry date, and if you want it completed it’s time to go do so. This of course then affects The Loremaster achievement: with my Realism Hat on I’d say if you wanted a crack at this and were prepared to do nothing else for the next week or so that it’s still doable. You’ll need to have some help: I’d suggest reading this thread on Wowhead before you start. I’d also argue that addons are pretty much a given if you want to complete this quickly and easily.

    There’s also another issue to consider with the demise of the Old World’s current look: many reputation grinds have the potential to change. If you have a particular reputation you’d like to finish before Cataclysm this may also be the time to do so. We know that neither Outland or Northrend will change with the Expansion so this is probably the time to stop running for Keepers of Time reputation and look back to Vanilla.

  • Classic Raider/Classic Dungeonmaster: Goes without saying that as the Old World evolves, so does the dungeon experience. If you’re guilded it might be time to hassle your GM for some Old Skool Runs (waits for comments) or maybe throw caution to the wind and join an LFG PuG to somewhere exotic. Most 5 mans can be run solo without too much hassle, and could provide an unexpected source of additional income for those of you looking for some spare cash to spend in the New World…
  • PvP Achievements: There are going to be some changes to the power base in Cataclysm. Racial leaders may not be as previously advertised… so this might be a good time to do For the Alliance/For the Horde before things go all Pete Tong…

That should be more than enough to keep you good people occupied for the next couple of weeks. If you’ll excuse me I have a VERY long list of things to write out for the 10-man Team of Doom… :D

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