Occasionally, I lament the fact that I can’t get a particular item to drop in-game.

Farming is a dangerous business. When you’re working at the mercy of the Random Number Generator your chances overall undoubtedly get a bit funky: random is, after all, random. I always like to remind those that complain ‘I’ve been doing this for X minutes/hours/days and the bloody thing STILL hasn’t dropped’ of the fact that Warcraft, like life, sometimes won’t do what you want it to, however much you complain, rage, frustrate or bemoan. That’s not how it works.

My husband’s been farming for the Bindings of the Windseeker in Molten Core for the best part of two years, without any success. That’s once a week, without fail, and NOTHING. Occasionally he’ll be asked to smelt an Elementium bar for someone who’ll happily tell him ‘oh, I wasn’t even there for the Bindings and they dropped’ and I’ll see that look cross his face, the one that I’ve come to recognise as the resigned air of a man who knows he’s fighting the inevitable. Having just levelled his second Pally Tank to 80 he’s considering taking her into MC and jokingly suggested that this would be the time the Bindings finally appeared, on the Paladin he doesn’t want them to be on. He and I both know that although there is the exact same chance of the item on both characters it will be the younger Paladin that gets them because… c’est la vie. It’s all part of the Giant Cosmic Joke that plays out in miniature form in-game. Don’t get S the Paladin started on how long it took Old Skool Onyxia to finally drop the T2 Judgement Crown

As a rule, I tend to get lucky when I log on for nothing in particular. Maybe it’s because my perception of luck changes as I’m online simply to farm badges, or make a bit of money. I’m not purposely in-game for a Disgusting Oozling (even though I really want one) or Deathbringer’s Will (I’d love that trinket, I really would) I just came to do what I normally do in these situations and faff a bit, but look what I got instead.

Today has pretty much proved that when I’m not after anything, it tends to turn up with bells on. The booty haul in the last twelve hours looks pretty impressive, even by my standards:

  • 264 Holy and 251 Shadow Priest Legs from VoA 25/10
  • 264 Cape and 245 Trinket for Priest from badge trade in as a result of running 2 x VoA
  • New 264 Healing Chest for Shammy after VoA
  • 232 Staff from PoS Heroic for Priest after Daily Run
  • 200 Hat, 232 weapon and 232 Tier shoulders for Paladin after three randoms

I’d then be at pains to point out that there is a fair bit of badge loot present, that yesterday the two weeks of Coren Direbrew every day without fail began to pay dividends, and I’d probably argue that application is as much to do with this than anything else. The fact remains that I would happily swap all of this for an Oozling, or one of the other vanity items that has eluded me for so long, but in the absence of that I’d love to have in-game I have no problems substituting those for what I can use.

I’m already vainly lusting after new items in Cataclysm: this pet in particular I’d love to own, but I’ve been doing this long enough to know that you don’t count your chickens or spout any kind of ridiculous homily when it comes to rare items, you just accept they’re a random drop and live with it or you keep farming until your eyes bleed.

I know which option I prefer.

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